Petra tou Romiou

Aphrodite's Rock

Cyprus is shrouded in many mythical legends, which are linked to ancient Greek myths and legends.

One of them is the legend of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who every year reemerged from the waters again and again, purified and virginal - right here, at Petra tou Romiou beach, dominated by two massive rock formations called nothing else but the Rocks of Aphrodite. Indeed, Petra tou Romiou beach itself is referred to in many guidebooks as Aphrodite's Beach.

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Legends of love

There are also two important legends associated with the beach. Thanks to them, crowds of lonely tourists and young women flock here.

The first legend says that if you swim around Aphrodite's Rock, a small island about 20 metres from the beach, 7 times, you will ensure eternal youth and everlasting beauty.

The second legend attracts to this romantic place all those who are looking in vain for love. It is said that the local beach is covered with heart-shaped pebbles, and whoever finds one will soon have a fateful encounter.

The beach and swimming

The local beach of Petra tou Romiou is covered with larger pebbles and boasts a beautiful setting of rocks and cliffs. It is the ideal place for contemplation and swimming in a beautiful natural setting. There are no sunbed rentals, no restaurants and no resort.

A pedestrian tunnel leads to the beach from the adjacent car park under the main road, but it is not visible directly from the beach and does not disturb the beautiful surroundings.

Accommodation by the beach

If you'd like to stay near this beach, choose the nearby village of Kouklia, which is filled almost entirely with holiday villas or apartments. It is an ideal place to spend very quiet days without the hustle and bustle of the big cities...

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How to get there

Aphrodite's Beach is very accessible by car on the main coastal road B6, signs will take you there from the nearby towns of Paphos (25 km) and Limassol (45 km). There is a free car park next to the beach.

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You can also easily reach the beach directly by taking Paphos' suburban public transport line 631. A ticket costs just 1,50 eur.

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