Vienna International Airport in a nutshell


Vienna Airport is one of the largest airports in Central Europe with a wide range of direct connections, and its proximity to the Slovak and Czech borders makes it very popular for residents of Bratislava and its surroundings or Moravia.

The opening hours of the airport are 24 hours and it is possible to spend the night inside the terminal without any problems.

Most tickets from Vienna can be purchased with the following airlines:

  • Ryanair - offers direct flights to more than 70 destinations in Europe.
  • Austrian Airlines - direct flights to more than 120 destinations worldwide, especially in the summer season tickets are often cheaper than Ryanair or Wizz Air
  • Wizz Air - direct flights to more than 30 destinations in Europe and the Middle East

Many major airlines fly to Vienna from all over the world. Compare flights from all airlines in one click.

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