Traditional food in Cyprus


What food should you try in Cyprus? What is most often sold in local restaurants?

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Cypriot cuisine

Cypriot cuisine is very close to Greek and Turkish cuisine. Many Cypriots go to buffets and restaurants very often because they simply love the food. Typical Cypriot specialities are souvlaki, tzatziki, kleftiko, moussaka, meze, calamari, halloumi cheese, fish and various seafood such as octopus and crab. The most common drinks are coffee and wine.

Halloumi cheese - This is a unique type of cheese that is only produced in Cyprus. It is made from cow's or sheep's milk and can be enjoyed for example grilled, pan fried at home or baked in a sandwich.

Souvlaki - Is a very popular spicy meat, usually chicken or beef, which is grilled and served on a skewer. It is often eaten with pita bread, vegetables, roasted potatoes and tzatziki.

Meze - Is a selection of many types of dishes. It is served on a large plate or around the table and there is something of everything. From chicken, black olives, salad to octopus. Meze is served for 2 or more people because there is really a lot of it.

You can also try Cypriot beers like KEO or Leon, which you can only find in Cyprus. Taste the local wine, which was produced in Cyprus several thousand years ago and is now a popular item on the Cypriot menu.

How to eat like a local

The best way to eat locally is to visit local buffets or Cypriot fast food joints, where you'll find most of the local dishes. Another option is to visit a Cypriot restaurant outside of the tourist areas, where you can eat for around 6-8 euros per serving. A special feature is the Cypriot bakeries, which offer a wide range of savoury and sweet dishes, and some are open 24 hours a day.

Meal delivery is also very popular in Cyprus, where your food is delivered to your home. You can order from a wide range of Cypriot dishes.

Usual prices in restaurants

In Cyprus, you will find different types of restaurants ranging from Cypriot to Italian to Armenian. The English Breakfast is a popular one, which costs between 5-8 euros. The price of lunch and dinner will depend on your budget. However, a good lunch can be had from 12 eur to 20 eur

Draft beer will set you back 3-4 euros and the cheapest is the local, KEO and Leon. If you want to try a typical Cypriot frappe, prepare yourself around 2-4 euros.

If you do a lot of beachcombing, you'll find countless ways to eat and drink. As well as restaurants and bars, you'll also find classic fast food like chips, fish fingers, chicken kebabs or corn.

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