Advertising Policy

Our web content monetisation methods

In order to give you the most reliable and comprehensive practical travel advice, we have to spend a lot of time on it. Content writing has become our livelihood and these are our standards for how to monetise content.

Affiliate links

Our main source of content monetization is a form of affiliate marketing. This is a commission-based model.

The moment you click through our links to accommodation providers such as, airlines, car rental companies or other travel agencies and purchase a specific service, we receive a referral commission back.

The resulting amount does not change for you, whether you go to the provider's website directly or via our link. The commission money comes from the provider's marketing budget.

User experience first

Although it might seem that we will only recommend selected providers for our profit, this is not the case.

We choose who we recommend carefully. Your experience and ours comes first. We want you to always be able to rely on our advice and tips. We will only recommend services that are worth recommending, regardless of whether we receive a commission for them.

Plus, it's possible to work with virtually anyone today. However, we will not recommend many companies even though we might benefit financially. This is because we simply don't trust them or we know from our own experience that they are better avoided.

Paid partnerships

In over 13 years of operating this portal, we have only accepted one single opportunity to write content in exchange for financial remuneration, and that was still with the prospect of the collaboration turning into an affiliate partnership.

You won't find articles or content on our site that mention companies that have paid us directly.

Either we trust the companies and their services or we don't mention them at all.

Advertising banners

The entire internet is now covered with advertising banners. You can also see them on our website.

We have no influence on their content and are not affiliated with these companies in any way.

You will not find many advertising banners on our website. We try to keep the space clean so that you can concentrate fully on our content, even though we make much less money.

Your trust and satisfaction with this site is more important to us.