Kourion is a former ancient city and today one of the most important and largest archaeological sites in Cyprus. Most of the original buildings are left with only foundations, Doric columns and archaeological excavations, the exception being the Greco-Roman theatre, which has been completely restored and still serves its original purpose today, hosting concerts, performances and other cultural events.

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The ancient city (acropolis) of Kourion was probably founded in the 2nd century BC on a 100m high plateau just off the sea. It is about 19 km from the present-day city of Limassol.

The main attractions of the acropolis are the remains of the temple of Apollo, the aforementioned Greco-Roman theatre, the foundations of the gladiators' house or the ancient stadium.

Entrance fees and opening hours

Open daily from 8:30am to 7:30pm, in winter only until 5pm. Last entry is always 30 minutes before closing time.

You pay EUR 4.50 for entry.

Official website: mcw.gov.cy

Kourion Beach

Below the archaeological park is a wide beach with views of photogenic cliffs and hard-packed sand and pebbles.

In this part of Cyprus, the sea is not so calm and there are often bigger waves ideal for bodysurfing. The entry into the water is gentle for the first 20 metres or so, then the bottom drops off more steeply.

There are also 3 restaurants on the beach.

How to get here

At the Kourion archaeological site and at the beach you can park easily and for free in the large parking lots. Kourion is located behind the village of Episkopi, to which there are signs.

From the centre of Limassol, the 16B bus line runs to Agios Ermogenis Monastery (the timetable shows the routes going as far as Agios Ermogenis marked in green). From the bus stop to the entrance of Kourion, you walk about 450 metres along the road (the route to en.mapy.cz).

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