Getting around Cyprus


Cyprus is a great destination to combine a relaxing seaside holiday with exploring the cities and mountain areas. At the same time, the island is not too big and you can visit all the main attractions during a week-long holiday.

There are no railways in Cyprus, but there are relatively cheap car rental companies and good public transport between the major towns.

By car

If you're going to travel around Cyprus beyond the cities and into more remote areas, you definitely need a car. Because everyone uses a car, there is a lot of competition for car rental companies, so it is possible to rent a car at a fairly affordable price.

Driving in Cyprus is on the left hand side and the traffic density is quite high, if you don't believe in driving on the left hand side, don't worry. Most rental companies have automatic transmission cars available and you will get used to driving quickly.

For detailed information on car rental and travelling by car in Cyprus, read our article Car rental Cyprus.

Buses in Cyprus

Only buses provide public transport in Cyprus. There are no railways, trams or even a metro.

However, the bus service is very easy to navigate and to use tickets.

As well as links to individual bus companies, you can use the Cyprus By Bus website, which is updated regularly twice a year and shows timetables and ticket prices for absolutely every bus route on the island - long-distance, city and regional.

InterCity long-distance buses

InterCity long-distance modern air-conditioned buses run between the major cities. Tickets are always bought from the driver on the bus. InterCity Buses only run between major cities and don't stop anywhere along the route, with multiple stops only within the cities they go to and from.

Tickets are not expensive and the services are relatively reliable, although delays are to be expected due to the heavy traffic in the city.

One-way tickets cost from 4 eur to 10 eur, and all routes also offer discounted all-day fares that are valid only on a specific route.

Tickets can be bought from the driver in cash and only notes up to €10 can be used to pay for smaller amounts.

However, you can also take advantage of the €15 day pass (valid only on a calendar day, not 24 hours), valid not only on all InterCity buses, but also on all regional routes and in all cities on public transport.

InterCity Buses operate on the following main routes, click on the route below for the timetable and ticket prices:

You can also see a summary table of all ticket prices on the InterCity Buses website: Student discounts are now only valid for students studying at Cypriot universities.

Airport long-distance buses

Special long-distance buses connect Larnaca (LCA) and Paphos (PFO) airports with the major Cypriot cities.

The company Kapnos Airport Shuttle provides transport on these routes.

Tickets can be purchased at the Larnaca Airport counter in the arrivals hall, and from the driver on the way from Paphos Airport.

  • Larnaca - Nicosia Airport
  • Larnaca Airport - Paphos Airport
  • Larnaca Airport - Ayia Napa Airport - Protaras Airport (May to October only)
  • Paphos Airport - Nicosia Airport
  • Paphos Airport - Larnaca Airport

Affiliation Limassol Airport Express then runs from both Cypriot airports to Limassol (Lemesos). Tickets are again purchased at the ticket office at Larnaca airport, while at Paphos airport you can buy them from the driver.

Where are the bus stations?

Where do you find the central bus stations in the largest cities in Cyprus?

  • Larnaca - on the coastal promenade of Finikoudes (location on the, there is no one big bus station, just a stop on the street where all InterCity buses stop. The central bus station for city buses is about 250 metres to the north.
  • Paphos - the new Karavella bus station (location at
  • Limassol - bus station at the new port (location on
  • Nicosia - Solomou Square bus station (location at

Public transport buses

Each major city operates its own public transport network. Ticket prices are very similar across Cyprus

  • 1 ride (non-transferable) - 1,50 eur in Limassol and Ayia Napa/Protaras/Paralimni, 2 eur in Paphos, 2,40 eur in Larnaca and Nicosia
  • 1 ride from 21:00 to 6:00 - 2,50 eur in Limassol, Paphos and Ayia Napa/Protaras/Paralimni, 4 eur in Larnaca and Nicosia
  • All day on specific public transport - 5 eur in Limassol and Ayia Napa/Protaras/Paralimni, 6,50 eur in Paphos, 7,50 eur in Larnaca and Nicosia
  • All day within all buses in Cyprus, including long distance InterCity - 15 eur

For timetables and routes in each city/area, please visit the following websites:

  • Larnaca and Nicosia public transport - Cyprus Public Transport
  • Public transport Ayia Napa and Protaras - OSEA
  • Public transport Paphos, Polis Chrysochous and Coral Bay - OSYPA
  • Limassol Public Transport - EMEL

For detailed information on transport to both Cypriot airports, please refer to our Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport guides.

Where to buy tickets?

Single tickets are always purchased from the driver, and can only be paid for in cash.

You can buy a city-specific day ticket from the driver in Limassol, Paphos or Ayia Napa. In Larnaca and Nicosia you can only buy these tickets at ticket offices, see the list of ticket offices.

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