Car rental in Cyprus


If you don't want to spend your holiday in Cyprus on just one beach and prefer trips to the countryside or to secluded hidden beaches, renting a car is definitely the best way to get around.

Bus transport works well, but only within and between the larger towns. It would be difficult and time-consuming to get to mountain villages or orphaned beaches.

Where, when and how to book a car in Cyprus

When booking a rental car, generally the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be. This applies in Cyprus too, although the differences are not as pronounced as in other European destinations.

To make a reservation, we recommend using, for example, the comparison engine, which will sort the results according to your chosen criteria.

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The best option is to rent a car directly at one of the two international airports. Check the current availability and prices of cars.

For the record, you can recognize a rental car at a glance by its red license plate.

Car rental prices in Cyprus

Car hire in Cyprus is among the cheapest of the European resorts. The price depends on the length of the rental, the longer the rental, the cheaper the daily price will be.

Price examples:

  • 7-day rental in summer - small car from 226 EUR
  • 4-day rental in summer - small car from EUR 110
  • 7-day rental in winter: small car from EUR 85
  • 4-day rental in winter: small car from EUR 54
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Always read the detailed rental conditions and especially the insurance policy, which you can also find on Some rental companies include insurance in the final price, elsewhere you will have to pay extra, between 5 eur and 10 eur per day depending on the type of car and the length of the rental.

Returning a car in another location

As there are two airports in Cyprus, many travellers prefer to rent a car at one and return it at the other end of the island. However, the question is whether it is more worthwhile to drive the 135 km separating the two airports.

Most rental companies charge a fee of around 20 eur for returning the car at another location.

International driving licence and other documents

Cyprus is part of the European Union and therefore there is no need to get an international driving licence before travelling. The car rental company must also accept your classic European driving licence.

Car rental companies usually require a credit card to rent a car, but will often lend on a debit card, but either on less favourable terms or with a very high deposit, often in excess of 1 000 eur.

Petrol prices and parking

Petrol is relatively expensive in Cyprus and prices are above the European average.

The price ranges from 1,45 eur to 1,65 eur. For example, see the price trend chart on the website:

The density of petrol stations is sufficient - you can find a petrol station in every major town and therefore there will be no problem with getting to the "vapours".

Parking is easy in Cyprus, with large and in most cases free car parks at most beaches and tourist attractions. You can also stop for free in large car parks in Cyprus' biggest towns and resorts.

How do petrol stations work in Cyprus?

Regular petrol is referred to as 'Unleaded 95', while diesel is known at the pumps as 'Diesel'.

Almost all petrol stations in Cyprus are manned, but you can fill up yourself if you wish. At most petrol stations you pay first and then fill up.

All modern petrol stations have a credit card machine where you choose the type of fuel, insert your card and it will charge you exactly the amount you actually fill up.

Operation and traffic regulations

Driving in Cyprus is on the left.

Despite initial apprehension, most drivers have no problem with driving on the opposite side and it only takes the first few kilometres to get used to it. If you are driving on the left for the first time, we recommend renting a car with an automatic transmission.

The rules here are very similar to those in the rest of Europe, i.e. right hand drive.

Roundabouts can be a problem - remember that even on these you have to drive in the opposite direction, clockwise. The right of way is always given to vehicles travelling on the roundabout. You need to use your turn signal both when leaving the roundabout (left) and when driving on the roundabout (right until you leave the roundabout).

In Cyprus, the following speeds apply:

  • In the village - 50 km/h
  • Outside the village - 80 km/h
  • Motorway - 100 km/h

It is forbidden to eat, drink or use a mobile phone or similar electronics while driving.

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Lights are mandatory half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise.

Crossing the border into North Cyprus

With a car rented in "Greek" Cyprus, you can cross the border into Northern Cyprus. There, too, you drive on the left. However, be aware of the conditions of individual car rental companies, which may prohibit or charge for crossing the border, especially because of the limited assistance available in case of problems.

At each border crossing you must buy insurance at a special kiosk, which is payable in euros and cash only.

  • 3 days - 20 eur
  • month - 35 eur

There are no cheaper rates.

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