Tourist visa to Cyprus


What travel documents do I need to travel to Cyprus? And can I cross the border between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus?

ID card or passport?

If you are travelling to the Republic of Cyprus (sometimes referred to as "Greek Cyprus" or "Southern Cyprus"), you do not need a passport if you are a citizen of the European Union.

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Cyprus on ID

This section applies to residents of the European Union only.

If you are arriving at Larnaca or Paphos airport, you are travelling within the European Union and will only need a valid ID card to travel. You can only travel to Cyprus on an ID card, but of course you can also travel on a passport.

If they ask you for a "Passport" at the hotel or airport, they mean a travel document in general, so it doesn't matter whether you actually present a passport or just an ID card.

A valid passport or ID is sufficient for the duration of your stay in Cyprus. There is no need for the validity to extend beyond the date of travel as is usual in some non-European countries.

Crossing between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus

If you will be crossing the land border between Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you will need a passport.

Although the official websites of the foreign ministries claim that an ID card is sufficient for crossing between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, the reality is different and it always depends on the individual official on the ground. In most cases, they do not allow anyone to cross the border without a passport.

If you arrive directly to Northern Cyprus by plane, you are subject to the conditions for entering Turkey, i.e. a passport is also necessary and you will not be allowed on the plane with an ID.

Is it possible to arrive in one part of Cyprus and leave from another?

1. Arrival in Northern Cyprus -> departure from Southern Cyprus

This option is the least acceptable and can expose you to problems when departing from Larnaca or Paphos airports in Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot authorities do not recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and therefore entering Cyprus via Ercan airport is considered illegal.

You may therefore be questioned on departure from 'southern' Cyprus and, in extreme cases, refused entry to the transit zone. You will then be forced to return to Northern Cyprus and travel by other means.

All EU citizens are subject to passport control in Cyprus as Cyprus is not part of the Schengen area.

2. Arrival in "Southern Cyprus -> departure from Northern Cyprus

The reverse journey is possible without major problems. Although the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus does not reciprocally recognise the Republic of Cyprus, it allows foreign visitors to leave Northern Cyprus via Ercan airport or ports even if you enter the island via the "South Cyprus" airports of Larnaca or Paphos.

3. Arrival and departure to/from North Cyprus

In this case, it is possible to visit the Republic of Cyprus without difficulty if you are a citizen of the European Union. Border crossing is possible in both directions and if your arrival and departure point is Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus, you can visit "Southern" Cyprus for any length of time.

Border crossings

There are currently 9 checkpoints for crossing between Cyprus and North Cyprus. All are open 24 hours a day and all can be used without restriction by all holders of European passports and countries with which Cyprus has visa-free travel.

For a detailed list of border crossing points and a detailed description of how to cross the border, see the guide to Northern Cyprus.

Entry to British Cypriot territories

Looking at the map, you will notice two other areas besides the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus that are not controlled by the Republic of Cyprus.

These are the British overseas territories of Akrotiri (west of Limassol) and Dekelia (east of Larnaca).

The UK has retained these territories by mutual and still valid agreement with the Republic of Cyprus and operates active military bases in both.

However, normal roads and motorways run through both Akrotiri and Dekelia and there are normal Cypriot villages. Although the territories are sovereign to the British Crown, Cypriot law is partly applicable here, you pay in euros and you will call the Cypriot police or ambulance service if you have any problems (such as traffic accidents or injuries).

There are no restrictions on entry/entry to British territories and often no signage. You will not pass through any passport control.

Customs regulations

You can import 800 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 1kg of tobacco, 10 litres of spirits, 90 litres of wine and 110 litres of beer duty free if you are travelling to Cyprus from EU territory, otherwise the limits are reduced by a quarter.

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