Termas da Ferraria

Termas de Ferraria

The westernmost point of São Miguel is also one of the most beautiful spots, overlooking the stormy ocean and the wildly jagged rocky coastline of high cliffs.

In addition to the breathtaking views, at a place called Punta de Ferraria you'll also come across thermal springs with a small bathhouse called Termas da Ferraria.

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Although the spa is officially operational, you'll only find one small concrete pool and a small café.

Much more interesting are the surroundings, which are completely free to navigate from the adjacent car park. The distances along the coast are short (up to about 200 metres), beyond that there are high cliffs that are impossible to walk on. So set aside about an hour to an hour and a half for your visit.

The biggest local attraction are the natural pools created by hardened lava near the shores, which are filled with a mix of cold ocean water and warm thermal spring water. These pools are freely accessible via a short staircase and can be visited for free.

How to get to Punta de Ferraria?

The coastline is only accessible by car. You'll find a larger free car park, which is accessed by a new tarmac road that takes you down a series of serpentine paths from the top of the cliffs to the main ring road around the island. The turn off the main one is marked by a small brown sign saying "Ferraria" and the distance from Ponta Delgada is 26 km.

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