Lisbon in a nutshell


The westernmost and third sunniest capital city in Europe will absorb you at first sight and feel.

Whether it's the huge historic centre full of winding and steep streets with iconic yellow trams weaving through them, its colonial past and the smell of the distant countryside, or the melody of the distinctive fado style of music pouring from the many bars and pubs.

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Nobody is in a hurry in Lisbon, so don't be in a hurry.

Take a tram ride, stop for morning coffee and evening wine, stroll along the mouth of the mighty Tagus River or head out into the open Atlantic. Lisbon never bores anyone, and if you don't fall in love at first sight, you certainly will at second.

Population Country Name in Portuguese / English Time zone
550 000
3 000 000 with agglomeration

Lisboa / Lisbon

UTC +0

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