Weather in São Miguel and best time to go

Lagoa Sao Miguel

The weather in the Azores corresponds to the climate of the mid-Atlantic, being very variable but at the same time quite similar throughout the year.

In general, there is higher humidity, frequent rain or fog. The number of rainy days decreases in the summer months, but a week of sunny beach weather cannot be counted on; July or August has an average of 10 rainy days (from November to March it is twice as many).

However, it rarely rains for a whole day at a stretch.

Most of the time you can expect variable showers with broken skies, even in the middle of winter. In addition, showers are usually geographically well-defined, and if it rains in one place, the sun is quite likely to be shining 2 km away.

Temperatures reach 26 °C in summer and drop to 17 °C during the day in winter.

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The island is beautiful and lushly green all year round, and even in winter you will see many flowering plants. The beautiful hydrangeas, which line almost every road in Azores, bloom mainly from May to September.

The water temperature is around 19 °C, but there are thermal springs on the island, even by the seashore. So you won't miss the chance to take a dip, even in the winter months.

Sao Miguel during the year

Find out what the weather is like in each month of the year and when it rains the most.

Weather in January

During January, the island enjoys wet weather with temperatures between 14 and 19°C, ideal for trips by car or on foot, as it rarely rains all day. However, it is a fact that January is one of the darkest months of the year with the least sunshine.

Showers last only a few dozen minutes at most and are interspersed with clear skies and thick fog. In short, ideal conditions for photographing dramatic scenery and alternating between driving and walking.

Weather in February

February weather continues in its typical Azores fashion. Average daytime temperatures stay at a fine 17°C, with lows of 12°C in the morning and at night.

There are on average 13 rainy days a month, but as usual it almost never rains non-stop for more than a few dozen minutes at a time. February is also a great month for travel, thanks to usually cheaper airfares than the rest of the year.

Weather in March

Temperatures in March are not too different from winter, hovering around 18°C with frequent and rapid changes in the weather. Partly cloudy skies give way to cloudy skies with light but frequent showers, which in turn give way to fog, which the sun quickly dissipates... and so on and on.

Just like in many other months of the year.

Weather in April

The weather during April in São Miguel could be described as typically April-like, but that is of little consequence here. In fact, the April climate is like an egg to half the other months of the year.

Temperatures range between 17 and 19 °C and the day is characterised by frequent changes in the weather. You may get wet 5 times during the day, but in April you will also experience periods lasting several days in a row, when it is usually only partly cloudy or cloudy without rain.

Weather in May

Even though São Miguel is green all year round, spring is still noticeable here with more flowering plants and fresher greenery. Temperatures rise slowly and can touch 20°C.

Even the rain is slowly diminishing, with long intervals between heavy showers, but a light rain can still fall at any time. Just like any other time of the year. At the end of May, the hydrangeas start to bloom in earnest.

Weather in June

As summer begins, the air warms tentatively to 21°C, with temperatures dropping to 16°C in the mornings and evenings. It rains noticeably less than during the winter, but even during June you can get wet at any time. But the rain will leave as quickly as it came.

Weather in July

July is the least rainy month on São Miguel and the high season. However, the season doesn't take much of a toll on accommodation prices or the crowdedness of the island.

Daytime temperatures soar as high as 25°C, and rain is almost exclusively in the form of very brief showers, but these can occur at any time of the day or night.

The skies are mostly partly cloudy and nature is in full bloom, with the hydrangeas at their peak.

Weather in August

Temperatures in August are statistically at their highest of the year, regularly rising above 25°C, but rarely dropping below 18°C.

But even higher summer temperatures do not cause the landscape to dry out. Although it rains significantly less than in winter, there is still a shower at least somewhere on the island almost every day. However, the holiday will not be significantly affected by the rain, as most of the weather will be partly cloudy.

Weather in September

Even during September, São Miguel maintains near-summer temperatures of around 22 to 25°C, regularly supplemented by brief showers and alternating clouds, partly cloudy and clear skies.

During September, hydrangeas slowly bloom, their leaves turning rich shades of colour. This month is one of the best of the year for travellers. The weather is more or less summer-like and ticket prices are significantly lower than during the holidays.

Weather in October

The onset of autumn in São Miguel is marked by temperatures slowly dropping to around 22°C and increasing showers.

However, since you already know that you have to expect rain at any time of year in the Azores, a jacket and good boots will not be missed anyway, which is why October is also a very good month to visit the island.

Weather in November

November's weather is similar to October's. Expect temperatures between 18 and 21°C with frequent alternations of clear and cloudy skies with stronger but fast moving and therefore brief showers.

Leaves do not fall in the Azores and the landscape remains lush green with plenty of plants still in bloom.

Weather in December

According to statistics, December is the rainiest month of the year, with up to 20 days of rain per month. Well, "rainy" is a very imprecise term. Like other months outside of summer, it rarely rains for long stretches of time at a time. A shower comes, goes away in half an hour, the sun comes out, another shower comes an hour later, and so on and on.

Normal daytime temperatures rise to between 14 and 18°C.

Table of temperatures during the year

São Miguel - Temperatures for Ponta Delgada

16 °C
17 °C
16 °C
16 °C
17 °C
16 °C
17 °C
16 °C
19 °C
17 °C
21 °C
20 °C
23 °C
22 °C
25 °C
23 °C
24 °C
23 °C
21 °C
21 °C
19 °C
20 °C
17 °C
18 °C

When to go to São Miguel

You will most likely be visiting the Azores for hiking, so a visit in the spring and summer months is advisable, ideally between April and October.

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Even in the winter months, the island offers conditions suitable for hiking, but you should expect more rainfall.

If you want to make your whale-watching programme more interesting, April to September is also the best time.

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