São Miguel in a nutshell

Lagoa Sao Miguel

The largest island of the Azores archipelago is found in the Atlantic Ocean, about a third of the way between Europe and America. São Miguel, with its capital Ponta Delgada, attracts visitors primarily with its natural beauty, but the island also impresses with its characteristic colonial architecture.

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The island's character is influenced by its volcanic origins, with a number of now dormant volcanoes, but also beautiful lakes and stunning exotic nature, with breathtaking views of the wild rocky coastline. The Azores are an ideal destination for hiking, road-tripping and enjoying the scenery.

The island of São Miguel is often nicknamed "Europe's New Zealand" for its beautiful green hilly landscape, natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

Population Area State Name Portuguese / English Time zone
144 000 760 km2 Portugal São Miguel / Sao Miguel UTC -1

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