In the small town, you can see the Nossa Senhora da Ajuda church and the restored Moinho do Pico Vermelho windmill.

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Bretanha lies on the northwest coast of the island and is the perfect place for a short one-hour stopover on your way around São Miguel. The main point of interest is the beautiful historic red and white windmill, which is free to the public. More specifically, you can walk right up to the mill, but you can't go inside.

You can also visit the Punta da Costa viewpoint, where the Atlantic Ocean appears far below you: the Bretanha stands on a high cliff and the view of the coastline is truly spectacular.

As well as being easily accessible by car, Bretanha is also well served by buses, which run directly through the village or along the 200-metre main road up to 7 times a day on weekdays and 4-6 times a day on weekends. Bus lines 208, 219 and 221 run from Ponta Delgada via Capelas. The official timetable was last updated in 2013, so details will need to be obtained locally.

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