Getting to São Miguel

Lagoa Sao Miguel

The only way to get to Sao Miguel Island from mainland Europe is by plane.

There are no regular ferries to the island.

By air

To get to São Miguel Island by air, we fly into the only airport on the island , Ponta Delgada PDL.

From mainland Portugal

Separate tickets from Lisbon or Porto are cheapest with Ryanair, with return journeys also sold in promotions under 50 eur, the normal price is more around 100 eur.

More frequent connections are offered by TAP or local airline Azores Airlines. Transavia also flies from Porto.

From Europe

The most common way to buy tickets from European cities is via TAP with a connection in Lisbon or Porto. Typical return fares from Western, Southern or Central Europe are around 400 eur.

Buy tickets at

Direct flights to Sao Miguel from Europe are operated by airlines such as.

Direct flights from Europe are usually more expensive than connecting flights via TAP.

From America

There are also non-stop flights from Ponta Delgada to the American cities of New York, Boston and Toronto in Canada, purchased through Azores Airlines.

From the surrounding islands

Flights between the different Azores islands are quite expensive. On average, you'll pay between 50 eur and 75 eur for a one-way flight, and air travel from São Miguel to the surrounding islands is the only way to get there; ferries don't work.

All flights from Ponta Delgada to the surrounding islands are operated exclusively by SATA.

By boat

In the past there was a direct connection by the large Atlanticoline car ferry to the Azores islands of Terceira and Santa Maria.

However, there are currently no regular ferries to São Miguel and there is no boat connection.

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