Praia dos Mosteiros

Praia dos Mosteiros

The wild, rocky coastline of the northwest of the island offers beautiful scenery, sunsets and interesting beaches and sea water swimming.

The centre of this tourist area is the small town of Mosteiros with its pretty church in the square.

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Black sand beach

One of the main destinations is undoubtedly Praia dos Mosteiros, a beach with coarser black volcanic sand in a small cove that protects the beach from the biggest waves. Even so, expect the sea here to be often choppy and most importantly... cold, like everywhere in the Azores. But the beach is also popular for relaxing and sunbathing in good weather and views whatever the weather.

From the left side you can admire the high cliff, from which, by the way, you arrive by car on serpentine paths, and in the sea you can admire the photogenic rocks sticking out of the water.

By the beach you will find a small free car park and a refreshment stand, which is only open in summer.

Natural pools in the sea

On the northern coast of Mosteiros, the lava that has cooled and hardened quickly on contact with the sea has created rocky water "pools", which are partially protected from the big waves and in which you can swim. However, heed the warnings and only swim where it is permitted. The closer to the open sea these pools are, the more dangerous you are from large waves crashing over the walls.

Entry is free.

Accommodation in Mosteiros

In Mosteiros you will find a large number of private apartments and guesthouses with prices between 75 eur and 100 eur per night, as well as a luxury 4* hotel Mosteiros Placeone of the few outside Ponta Delgada.

If you like living close to the sea with a dramatic coastline away from civilisation, yet in a town with several restaurants and shops, Mosteiros will be the place for you.

How to get to Mosteiros?

The village lies at the most northwestern point of São Miguel Island on a small low-lying area below high cliffs. From the main ring road, a minor road branches off here after several serpentines overcoming the difference in altitude. From Ponta Delgada, Mosteiros is 31 km away.

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Mosteiros is one of the few places quite accessible by bus. Line 206 from Ponta Delgada runs here 7 times a day on weekdays, 4 times on weekends. The official timetable was last updated in 2013, so you'll need to check locally for details.

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