Wreck of the Edro III

The wreck of the Edro III.

A popular and relatively new attraction on the west coast of Cyprus is the wreck of the Edro III, which lies on its side literally a few metres from the shore.

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This makes it perfectly accessible to Urbex enthusiasts and ordinary tourists who just want to take a picture of the ship from the shore.

The Sierra Leone-flagged ship was built in the 1960s in Norwegian shipyards and has spent most of its operational life sailing between Greece and Cyprus.

During a voyage from Limassol, Cyprus, to the Greek island of Rhodes in a heavy storm, the ship was wrecked off the coastal town of Peyia on 8 October 2011. The nine-strong crew was rescued, but plans to tow the ship were postponed indefinitely due to the difficulty of towing it, and the ship is still resting at the site today.

The 80-metre-long wreck lies aground just 5 metres from the shore and is a popular destination for many travellers despite the ban on entry.

It is perfectly legal to take pictures of the ship from the shore.

How to get to the wreck?

The wreck can only be reached easily by car or by organised excursions on quad bikes or jeeps, which are available everywhere in Paphos.

The wreck is located at the end of Glyou Nerou Street, which is marked from the main road by a small sign. You won't find any tourist signs to the wreck, so drive slowly so you don't miss the turn.

To help you find your way around, take a look at the route map from Paphos: en.mapy.cz.

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