Kakopetria is a famous mountain village on the northern slopes of Troodos. The atmosphere in this village is truly exceptional. You will see typical Cypriot houses of the 18th and 19th centuries and enjoy views of the nearby mountains covered with dense coniferous forests. You can enjoy a coffee in a local tavern.

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Picturesque houses and mountain tranquillity

Kakopetria is a typical example of 18th and 19th century Cypriot rural architecture. Small houses with stone foundations and mud walls are tucked into winding, steep streets and are very popular with locals due to the coolness that lingers inside even in the sultry summers.

The village lies at an altitude of 667 metres, but just a few kilometres to the south rises Olympos, the highest mountain in Cyprus at almost two thousand metres. Coniferous forests, steep valleys and spectacular views are another reason to visit Kakopetria.

Accommodation in Kakopetria

Kakopetria offers a number of apartments, guesthouses, as well as a classic hotel. With the most accommodation in the Troodos Mountains, the town can serve as an ideal starting point. Prices for a double room per night here are normally around 65 eur.

Top rated accommodations include Enipnion Apartments in one of the stylish historic houses.

You can also stay in classic hotels, the best value for money of which is Ekali Hotel ***.


The best way to get to Kakopetria is by car, as you can make trips to the surrounding towns without restrictions.

  • Kakopetria - Larnaca: 101 km, map
  • Kakopetria - Paphos: 92 km, map

Kakopetria can also be easily reached by local buses from Nicosia, as well as through the surrounding villages. All tickets cost a flat price 1,50 eur for one ride.

  • Nicosia - lines 405, 407, 408 - 1-2 services per hour in total
  • Troodos (village) - lines 87, 408 - 6 times a day in total, but not at the weekend

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