Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach is the most famous beach on the little-visited island of Barbuda. It stretches along an 8-mile stretch of the southern coastline and although it is the most visited of the entire island, it rarely sees more than a few dozen people at a time.

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As the name suggests, the beach is particularly popular for its unusual pink hue.

What causes the pink colour of the beach?

Actually, Pink Sand Beach is covered in fine white sand, the strong pink tinge of which is caused by the numerous strands of shells that are coloured this way.

This is also why it is not 100% certain that Pink Sand Beach will actually be pink at the time of your visit. It all depends on the actual amount of shells that have washed up.

Beach facilities

Eight miles of solitude and oblivion await you. You'll find two small bars just at the very eastern end of the beach, where the main Barbuda ferry dock is located. The rest of the beach is completely uncivilized and completely devoid of amenities.

The entrance to the sea is gradual and the shallows still stretch for dozens of metres from the shore. Beach shoes are recommended precisely because of the huge number of small shells.

Beachfront accommodation

Despite the fact that most of the beach is away from any development, you will come across some nice simple but purposefully furnished Harrys Cottages near the pier.

How to get to the beach?

Pink Sand Beach is the only easily accessible tourist spot in Barbuda. In fact, at its eastern end, you'll find the dock of the regular Barbuda Express ferry from Antigua.

For timetables and ticket bookings, visit:

Since the boat from Antigua arrives in the morning and departs in the afternoon, you can easily make your own day trip from Antigua.

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