Traditional food in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Local cuisine

Antigua offers food of international standard, especially sushi, seafood, mutton or goat meat, but fried dishes are also very popular here. You can either eat in restaurants or arrange a private dinner on the beach (at Jolly Beach, the chef himself even makes the rounds).

Taste everything, local ingredients like meat, vegetables and fruits are fresh. Meaty specialties include goat meat or a side dish of funghi.

How to eat like a local

Buy ingredients at markets and cook for yourself or go to local places (Jose restaurant, Alibaba - healthy food).

Ali baba Bistro (named after a legend in Arabic literature - the adventure story of Alibaba and the Forty Robbers) located on Old Parham Road is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Middle Eastern and international cuisine is spread on the table in the form of tasty, healthy food and large portions. For example, pasta with chicken and Coca-Cola works out at 24 xcd + 10% for service.

After a good meal you can relax with a hookah, which they will prepare and bring to the table with spare handles. You can choose from several types of fruit tobaccos. We recommend peach, which smells nice and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Usual restaurant prices

Prices vary depending on the place you stay and the season. For breakfast you will pay a minimum of 10 usd, but the amount can reach 20 usd. Lunches range between 20-100 usd, similarly for dinner. Again, it all depends on your negotiation and communication.

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