Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay

The northwest coast of Antigua is dominated by the lively and well-known Dickenson Bay beach, which is crowded at times when ocean cruise ships come to Antigua. In that case, head just a few kilometres south to the long, straight beach of Runaway Bay.

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Runaway Bay is orphaned most of the time and frequented more by locals. If you prefer a quiet relaxing swim in privacy, then the local beach is ideal for at least a short stop.

The surface is fine white sand and the entrance to the water is very gradual and safe. The sea here tends to be calm with only pleasant small waves. However, because the bottom is not very indented, Runaway Bay is not very suitable for snorkelling.

The beach is completely without equipment. You will find no refreshments, no toilets and no sunbed or umbrella hire.

There is a tarmac road running along the beach and parking is free in many places.

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