Antigua and Barbuda in a nutshell

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful place of unlimited possibilities with plenty of amazing beaches for every day of the year. The rugged coastline creates magical coves, small beaches and long flat sandy stretches. The local beaches are among the most photogenic in the Caribbean.

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You can take advantage of luxury hotel resorts with full facilities as well as smaller guesthouses in quiet towns. Antigua and Barbuda is a country well prepared for tourists, and in every town you'll find at least the basic facilities you need for your stay.

The country is made up of two islands, as its name suggests. The larger island, Antigua, is home to the vast majority of the population and by far the largest number of tourists.

Orphaned Barbuda is only slightly smaller in size than Antigua, but only about 1% of the population lives here. Barbuda is flat with beautiful and completely empty beaches. At the same time, with only the barest of facilities, getting around the island is virtually impossible without making arrangements beforehand.

Population Area Name in English Time zone
100 800 442 km2
14th smallest in the world
Antigua and Barbuda UTC -4
(does not alternate between daylight saving time and standard time)

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