Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay is the place for travelers who want the full comfort of beach resort services and facilities. The beach at Dickenson Bay is the most well-equipped in all of Antigua. It's alive day and night, and even though most of it is taken up by hotel resorts, the general public can access the entire length of it without restriction.

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The beach is roughly 500 metres long and is the most visited on the island. Despite this, you can always find a free spot, especially at the northern end of the beach.

Swimming and beach facilities

Like the other beaches, Dickenson Bay is covered in fine white sand and the entrance to the water is gradual. The sea here is not as calm as in other bays, as Dickenson Bay is much wider and therefore more open. Even so, the waves here are not dangerous, it's just that the conditions for snorkelling are not very good in Dickenson Bay.

Practically the entire beach is lined with bars, restaurants and sunbed rentals for the public. Be prepared for really high prices: you can easily pay over 80 usd to rent two sun loungers and an umbrella plus some lunch and a drink here for a single day.

The southern part of the beach may have some services restricted to hotel guests of the local resort.

Accommodation on the beach

Dickenson Bay is surrounded by several beach resorts at typical Caribbean prices.

For the cheapest aparthotel, the Bucaneer Beach Club ***, expect prices around 238 eur per night, while the most expensive luxury Sandals Grande Resort ***** usually doesn't go below 1466 eur per night.

How to get to the beach?

Transportation is the biggest problem at Dickenson Bay. Public access is only possible through a narrow alley between the hotels (google.com/maps), where there are very few places to park: they tend to be occupied by around 9:00am. After that, you have to park along the main road in a complicated and not very safe way, or simply go to another beach.

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There is also a Line 50 bus/van that runs from the west bus station in St. John's to Dickenson Bay at irregular intervals (when it fills up), i.e. about once every 10 to 40 minutes. The bus stop is located at the junction of the main road and the only access road approximately 150 metres from the beach.

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