Deep Bay

Deep Bay

A relatively wide yet protected bay with calm waters, a beautiful beach, great conditions for snorkelling and a historic fortress. This is Deep Bay, one of the best swimming spots on Antigua.

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While the southern part of the beach is busier due to the adjacent hotel resort, the northern part is extra quiet, plus plenty of shade from the mature trees.

Swimming and beach facilities

Deep Bay welcomes tourists with crystal clear water and a gradual entry into the sea. The surface of the beach consists of fine white sand, which can turn into pebbles at the edge of the shore and the water.

The water is very calm due to the bay, making swimming safe.

Most of the beach is completely without facilities, only at the southernmost tip you will find an expensive bar and sunbeds for hotel guests. The advantage is the mature trees and bushes right on the beach, which provide natural shade.

Snorkeling in Deep Bay

The bay is one of the best snorkeling spots on the entire island of Antigua, with only Galleon Beach to the south, where, in addition to abundant underwater life, the wreck of a sunken ship can take the top spot.

The richest underwater life is certainly in the northern part of Deep Bay along the rugged reefs.

Beachfront accommodation

Deep Bay is located in the more remote western part of the island, and there are no hotels here apart from the luxury resort Royalton Antigua *****. The nearest other accommodation can be found in the main town of St. John's.

Transportation to Deep Bay

The beach is not accessible except by car or taxi. The southern part is occupied by a large hotel resort, through which you can walk to the beach, but not by car.

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It's preferable to drive to the northern end of the beach, where there's a free impromptu parking lot that's never full. From there, just cross the small new pedestrian bridge and walk about 70 metres along a path through the forest.

By car, you will always go westwards through St. John's. At the first roundabout out of town, turn right and continue steadily along the tarmac until you reach the entrance to the Royalton Resort. Here you must continue straight ahead on the gravel road and at the junction for the "Trafalgar Apartments" turn left to continue on the unpaved road. This is very rutted in places, so we recommend a minimum speed, but with care it is passable for even the smallest of cars.

Hike to Fort Barrington

Between the car park and the beach, the old Fort Barrington, dating from 1779, stands on a small knoll. It is, in fact, the only fort on Antigua ever to see real military action, when Admiral Barrington repelled a French attack in the late 18th century.

There are several steep but short paths leading to the fort, the ruins are accessible at any time for free and offer a beautiful view of the sea and the cargo port at St. John's.

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