Where to stay in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Accommodation will be the biggest item in your budget when travelling to Antigua and Barbuda. Which places are the cheapest to stay? And where are the best? Read on in this chapter.

Where to stay on Antigua

Antigua will offer many luxury gated resorts that you don't have to leave for the duration of your holiday, as well as private guesthouses or apartments where locals rent out a room or the entire property.

We recommend checking the available offers and especially the prices before buying your ticket:

If you're heading to Antigua in high season, between December and March, book well in advance, even 6 months or more! Deals are dwindling fast and prices rise significantly as your travel date approaches.

Beaches with the best resorts

Prefer to stay in the privacy of luxury resorts? Choose from these places:

Jolly Harbour

One of the most famous resorts in the Caribbean will offer hotels and villa accommodation within a fenced compound. The beautiful beaches are complemented by a marina for luxury yachts or a large supermarket.

Dickenson Bay

The famous beach in the north of Antigua is one of the liveliest and best equipped on the island. Dickenson Bay is also close to both the airport and the harbour at St. John's, so it boasts the best accessibility of any beach.

Long Bay

A smaller, lively beach with plenty of shops and a wide range of water activities lies to the east of the island, with three larger hotel resorts filling the surrounding area. Long Bay is ideal for an active holiday combined with a relaxing beach holiday.

Cheaper resorts

The term 'budget resort' is quite misleading in the case of Antigua, yet there are several places on the island where smaller hotels and guesthouses predominate over the extra expensive resorts.

English Harbour/Falmouth

One of Antigua's most beautiful areas is popular with backpackers and luxury yacht owners alike. English Harbour is a great place to spend a more active holiday, exploring the island, swimming and snorkelling.

Old Road and Urlings

The laid-back towns on the south-west coast are a great place for cheaper accommodation in apartments and smaller resorts. You'll find several smaller, beautiful beaches along this stretch of coast, one for each day of your week-long stay.

The main town of St. John's

Stay in the main town if you don't have a rental car. All the bus routes leave from here and you have all the facilities of restaurants, supermarkets and services together in a small area.

However, St. John's doesn't abound in accommodation. There are only a few small hotels and private apartments.


Inland, you'll find the cheapest guesthouses and private rooms, but it's almost impossible to stay off the beaches and resorts without a rental car. Look for most accommodation in the villages of Potters and All Saints.

The best resorts on Antigua

Don't want to compromise on your comfort and looking for the best rated hotel resorts on Antigua? Here are our picks for the 3 best hotels:

Antigua hotel prices

Antigua and Barbuda is an expensive destination, although it ranks more towards the slightly higher average within the Caribbean region.

For 1 night in a 2-bed room here, you'll pay between US$100 and US$180 in a small hotel or apartment, and rarely will you find prices below 73 eur for private apartments in the interior.

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The lowest prices at beach resorts start at US$265 and rise to arbitrary heights at the most luxurious hotels.

The highest prices are in the high season, from December to mid-April. If you are travelling during this period, we recommend booking well in advance (4 months or more).

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