Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Frigate Bird Sanctuary

In the hard-to-reach lagoons of northwest Barbuda, you'll find the second largest colony (after the Galapagos) of frigatebirds, photogenic birds with a distinctive red throat pouch that always inflates when the males are courting.

There are regularly 5,000 frigatebirds nesting here year-round. Male courtship runs from September to April, with the best chance of seeing the red and black birds during December and January.

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More than 170 other species of birds inhabit the Bird Lagoon, making it a must-see spot for all amateur ornithologists.

How to get here?

If you'll be staying in Barbuda for multiple days, the only way to get to Frigate Bird Sanctuary is by licensed private boats leaving from a dock right in the center of the only town of Codrington.

The trip to the breeding area usually takes around 90 minutes and costs around 20 usd.

If you're only travelling to Barbuda for a day turn from Antigua, we recommend using the Barbuda Express, an organised tour company that operates regular ferries. For details, visit the website:

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