Long Bay

Long Bay

The beach at Long Bay is one of the most popular in the east of Antigua and also one of the liveliest, with ample facilities, good conditions for water sports and snorkelling.

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Long Bay is partly surrounded by resorts, but as the only beach in this part of the island it is also easily accessible to the general public.

Swimming and beach facilities

At Long Bay Beach, expect fine white sand and a gradual entry into the mostly calm sea. With a length of 250 metres, Long Bay is one of the medium-longest beaches on Antigua and is one of the most crowded beaches on the island due to the high number of visitors.

The eastern part is open to the public without restrictions, where you can rent a set of sunbeds and an umbrella for about 20 usd as well as use several small impromptu snack and souvenir stands. You can also rent a kayak or pay for boat trips on Long Bay.

The western part of the beach is set aside for the hotel resort. While by law everyone has access, the services provided on the beach are restricted to hotel guests only.

Snorkeling in Long Bay

The beach is considered one of the best for snorkeling in Antigua, especially its very western end, where the sandy bottom transitions into rugged reefs.

The underwater life here is abundant and easily accessible from the beach, but Galleon Beach or Deep Bay are even better places to explore the world below the surface.

Beachfront accommodation

Accommodation in Long Bay is concentrated in just two of the more luxurious resorts, which are among the most famous in Antigua:

Long Bay living is suitable for those who like the convenience of resorts, the tranquility of more secluded areas, but also the ample services of the beach.

Transportation to Long Bay

The only way to get to the beach is by car. It is necessary to drive through the entire village of Willikies and continue on the asphalt road practically to the end. Ideally follow the signs for the Pineapple Beach Club, which will take you virtually all the way to the beach where there is a small free parking area.

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If it gets crowded, it's no problem to stop anywhere along the road.

There is no bus to Long Bay; line 33 ends about 2.5 km from the beach. So you can only use taxis and shared taxis, which cost more than the price of a day's car rental from St. John's.

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