Devil's Bridge

Devils Bridge

If you get tired of swimming and snorkelling in the sea, see the Caribbean from a different perspective and head to Devil's Bridge Natural Monument. The small rocky peninsula is made up of jagged limestone cliffs and the sea shows its power by pounding the rocks.

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The peninsula itself is completely bare with a few benches and nooks and crannies. The views of the open sea are disarming, and Devil's Bridge feels like the end of the world in places.

Devil's Bridge is small and you'll spend no more than 20 minutes here enjoying the views. A natural neck connects it to the mainland, and you can even swim on the small beaches on either side. Right on the peninsula you can visit several souvenir stands or toilets.

How to get there?

Devil's Bridge can only be reached by car on a dirt road that turns off the road towards Long Bay. Devil's Bridge is about 2.5 km east of the town of Willikies (route to:

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Expect the last stretch of about 1 km to be full of holes and rocks, but it is passable for all types of cars with care. Free parking is available directly on the peninsula.

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