Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

The beach in the wide Half Moon Bay, which, as the name suggests, resembles a crescent shape, is one of the most famous in Antigua and Barbuda. It is located in a remote part of eastern Antigua away from the cities and is one of the few beaches that is not surrounded by any resorts.

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Half Moon Bay Beach is often referred to as the best beach in the whole country on various travel sites, but in our opinion there are definitely better beaches to swim at in Antigua. However, if you prefer more secluded locations with minimal visitors, then Half Moon Bay will not disappoint.

Swimming and beach facilities

At over 500 metres long, the beach at Half Moon Bay is very spacious and covered in fine white sand with seaweed washed up in places.

There are several sun lounger and umbrella rentals on the beach, as well as three bars or simple beach restaurants near the parking lot. However, most of the beach is without facilities.

Swimming is suitable for swimmers and wave lovers. The sea here is not as calm as in the enclosed bays in the south or west of the island, but on the other hand the waves are not dangerous. However, the visibility underwater is poor in Half Moon Bay and therefore the beach is not suitable for snorkelling.

How to get to the beach?

There is a short detour from the main circular road along the coast. It is not marked, but you can see the beach from the main road, so you can't miss it.

Book a car at Antigua Airport

You can park at the beach in the free car park, which is large enough and never fully booked.

What to see around

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