Galleon Beach

Galleon Beach

The popular beach in the south of the island stretches along the English Harbour bay, but it is somewhat away from the town of the same name and therefore tends to be quiet and uncrowded.

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Galleon Beach is ideal for a relaxing swim in calm waters and a great spot for snorkelling. Just a few metres from the shore lies the wreck of a small boat on the bottom, which you can easily swim to without the need for a boat trip.

Swimming and beach facilities

Most of the beach stretches along a private area, which only property owners have access to, but the beach itself is freely and for free accessible along its entire length.

It is covered in fine white sand with minimal pebbles, but the entrance to the water is already pebbly but gentle and safe.

There is a small bar on the beach with high prices, definitely better to bring your own snacks. Sunbed and umbrella rentals are not common here. Permanent umbrellas on the western edge of the beach are only available to guests of the local hotel resort.

Overall, the atmosphere at Galleon Beach is very pleasant and you will always find plenty of space.

Snorkeling at the shipwreck

Galleon Beach is one of the best snorkeling spots in Antigua. In particular, the eastern end of the beach towards the Pillars of Hercules reefs is teeming with life. There are dozens of species of colorful fish to see, and you can even get lucky with turtles and stingrays.

The biggest attraction, however, is the sunken shipwreck just about 30 metres offshore (exact location on You can swim to it from the beach without any problems.

As a base for snorkelling we recommend a narrow strip of beach outside the main part of the beach. Cross the whole of Galleon Beach, turn onto a rocky path about 5 metres long, turn right along the gravel path and at the first turn (after about 15 metres) turn right again along a very narrow rocky path.

Accommodation by the beach

There are two different accommodations right on the beach:

How to get to the beach?

Galleon Beach is less than 10 minutes drive from English Harbour. A car is also the most convenient means of transport.

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Parking spaces are very limited at the beginning of the beach, but usually enough and you can always fit somehow. The road here is quite wide, so parking at the edge of the road is no problem.

There is no bus service to the beach and the only other options are a roughly 35-minute walk (but expect a very steep hill) or a taxi ride (approx. 30 usd from English Harbour one way).

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