Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights

The unforgettable viewpoint, from which photos appear on all promotional material and postcards, towers over the popular resort of English Harbour in the southern part of Antigua.

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The best time to visit is throughout the day. The viewpoint offers breathtaking sunrises in the morning and sunsets in the evening, which are without exaggeration among the most beautiful in the world.

Three viewpoints set against the backdrop of fortress ruins

Between 100 and 120 metres above sea level, you will find three different viewpoints:

  • Shirley Heights Lookout - The most beautiful viewpoint on English and Falmouth Harbour, but the sun does not set directly over the bay, but a little to the side over the open sea. From this viewpoint you can also see the neighbouring islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe. On Thursday and Sunday evenings there is an entrance fee 10 usd, the rest of the time it is free to visit.
  • The Blockhouse - The viewpoint at the largest fortress overlooks Antigua's east coast and therefore offers spectacular sunrises.
  • Interpretation Center - The lookout at the information centre with its small gift shop boasts the best views of the sunsets, which go over the horizon almost exactly over English Harbour, but most days it closes at 5pm and it is impossible to get over the fence to the view. It tends to be open irregularly into the evening, however you can always continue to the other viewpoints mentioned above, which are reached by the same road.

At all the viewpoints you are free to visit the ruins of 18th century military forts, which acted as guard forts for the defence of the south coast and the important military port of English Harbour.

Barbecue Party

The most popular Shirley Heights Lookout is a well-preserved house with an outdoor restaurant and bar, where barbecue parties are held every Thursday and Sunday from 4pm to 10pm.

On these days, you can only get into the lookout by paying an admission fee, which is 10 usd or 25 xcd and is payable in cash only to the lookout before entering.

Drink prices on site are then around 6 usd. Details can be found on the website:

How to get to Shirley Heights?

All 3 viewpoints are easily accessible by car. There is an unusually good tarmac road from English Harbour and it takes about 15 minutes to get here from the city.

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Parking is free at all the viewpoints and there are always plenty of spaces.

A taxi from English Harbour and back works out at about 30 usd.

There is also a hiking trail from Galleon Beach to Shirley Heights Lookout through the forest with a lot of elevation gain (map of the route at

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