Largo do Senado

Senado Square

Senado Square is the main centre of historic Macau, and it is here that you will get a real feel for the distant Portugal that colonised Macau in the past.

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You'll most certainly pass through Largo do Senado on your way to the ruins of St. Paul's, which stand about 400 meters away.

What to experience at Largo do Senado

The square is almost exclusively surrounded by buildings that will transport you thousands of kilometres in atmosphere to the westernmost tip of mainland Europe.

The colonial buildings, mostly from the 19th century, include the still-functioning town hall, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia convent and the main post office building.

Don't forget to also cast your eyes on the ground, which is decorated with a typical Portuguese mosaic of black and white cubes symbolizing the waves of the sea.

In the shops you can buy souvenirs or the typical Portuguese delicacy Pasteis de nata.

At the north end of the square, visit the beautiful church of St Dominic.

What to see around

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