Macau in a nutshell


Macau (often spelled Macau) is located in the Pearl River Delta and is bathed by the South China Sea.

The city is made up of the Macau Peninsula with its historic centre and Taipa Islands, where most of the casinos are located, the beach, the historic village of Coloane and a forested natural area with hiking trails.

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Macau is the territory with the highest population density in the world (over 21,000 inhabitants per square kilometre) and as a former Portuguese colony, it represents a unique combination of Chinese and Portuguese culture. It mixes modern architecture caused by the rapid development of recent times, but buildings from the colonial era of the 19th century also remain.

Population Area Name Chinese / English Time zone
680 000 115 km2

澳門 / Macau (Macao)

UTC +8

Although Macau is an integral part of China, it forms a so-called Special Administrative Region ("Macau SAR"), which gives the city extensive autonomy. Tourists from most countries in the world can therefore travel to Macau without a visa, for example, unlike in mainland China. Neighbouring Hong Kong, for example, has a similar set-up.

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