What to do in Macau


Macau is a very diverse city and one of the few Asian cities where you can wander through a true historic centre with monuments dating back to the 17th century.

Although most tourists head to Macau for the casinos, we definitely recommend the city to those who aren't interested in gambling at all.

The 10 best hotels in Macau

Casinos and gambling

Gambling is the biggest business in Macau and produces more profit than Las Vegas.

Every day, hundreds of Chinese, as well as other nationalities, visit casinos to try their luck. Macau is becoming an increasingly popular gambling destination for the whole of Asia, but also for Europe or Australia.

What are the rules for visiting casinos?

Each casino has its own security guards who politely but strictly enforce all the rules.

  • Entry is allowed to persons over 21 years of age, age is checked by passport.
  • Usually filming and photography is not allowed and no laptops or larger electronics are allowed in the casinos.
  • Normal casinos do not adhere to a strict dress-code, however sandals, flip-flops or very short skirts or shorts are highly inappropriate. Camouflage clothing is not acceptable.
  • Intoxicated persons are not allowed in the casinos.
  • The official currency of all casinos is the Hong Kong dollar and very few casinos accept the local Macau pataca.

What types of games do Macau casinos offer?

The most common gambling game that casinos in Macau offer is baccarat, which accounts for almost 80% of the complete profits of all casinos combined.

Other common games are slot machines, Sic Bo, Blackjack or poker. Roulette, for example, ranks as high as 11th in terms of revenue.

How much does it cost to enter a casino?

Most casinos in Macau are free to enter and free entry is open to the general public, not just guests of specific hotel resorts.

Where are the best casinos in Macau?

Casinos are usually associated with hotel complexes and resorts. Many smaller casinos offer only one or two games of chance. For more fun, head to the world-famous giant casinos, which are among the largest in the world.

To see the prices at hotel resorts, always click on the name of each casino.

Sands China

This company operates the 4 largest casinos in Macau.

  • Venetian Macau - It is even the 2nd largest casino in the world. In addition to slot machines, you will find a Venice-style shopping mall with canals, gondolas and artificial skies. The hotel also has space for a Cirque du Soleil theatre.
  • Londoner Macau
  • Parisian Macau
  • Sands Macao

Sands Macau's only casino is located in the heart of the city. The rest can be found on Taipa Island.


Wynn's casinos are among the most popular and comprehensive in Macau, and the world.


MGM resorts are known for beautiful buildings with collections of modern art and great service.

The casinos have the most slot machines of any Macau resort.


The casinos of this company combine gambling with other entertainment such as excellent restaurants, cinemas or live music performances in a great way.


SJM Holdings previously operated Macau's most famous casinos. Today they are mainly known for their iconic buildings, but in terms of gaming offerings, the modern and new casinos are much better, especially on the island of Taipa.

Stroll the streets of old Macau

You'll find few cities in Asia with authentic historic centres dating back to the European colonial period.

Unlike neighbouring former British Hong Kong, where virtually nothing of its history survives, Macau delights with quite extensive historic centres.

It mixes Portuguese influences with 19th and 20th century architecture, as well as Chinese culture, 1990s housing and modern architecture.

You can walk through the historic centre in half a day, but feel free to return again and again to discover new corners.


Thanks to low taxes, shopping is becoming an increasingly important part of the visitor experience. In the city centre and around the old casinos, beware of overpriced shops selling watches, gold and traditional Chinese preparations (such as Chinese Viagra etc).

Shopping galleries can be found in the island's hotels, and the shopping area and number of malls is increasing.

Well-known shopping malls are: the Venetian Macau Grand Canal, shops in the Four Seasons and Cotai Central hotels, The Boulevard at City of Dreams, Dazzling Shopping Promenade of Galaxy Macau, One Central Macau. Despite recommendations in various guidebooks, shopping in Fisherman's Wharf is boring, there are few shops and few people.


In case of inclement weather and prolonged rain, there are several interesting museums to visit.

  • Macau Museum (macaumuseum.gov.mo) - is one of the best attractions. The history of Macau is treated in a very informative and engaging way, but the world view is very Chinese.
  • Grand Prix Museum (mgpm.macaotourism.gov.mo) - The museum opened in 1993 and could use some improvement. However, those who like F1 will still enjoy it, and there are displays of various formulae that have taken part in races.
  • Macau Science Center (msc.org.mo) - A unique architectural building, the exhibition will be of particular interest to children aged 5-13.

Macau Grand Prix

Every autumn, the streets on the peninsula around the historic centre are transformed into a race track similar to Monaco.

When is the Macau Grand Prix?

Formula 1 and motorcycle races are held every year around mid-November.

Where to buy tickets?

Always buy tickets for the spectator seats only on the official website, where you can find all the necessary information and the current dates.

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