Weather in Macau and best time to go


Macau has a subtropical humid climate. The average annual temperature is 22.7 °C.

Summers are generally very long, hot and humid, with normal temperatures around 33 °C. Winters, on the other hand, are short with pleasant temperatures of around 23 °C, mostly clear skies and lower humidity.

The very short autumn tends to be sunny, while the short spring is characterised by cloudy skies and frequent fog.

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The most enjoyable time to stay in Macau is between October and February.

Weather and temperatures during the year

This is what the weather in Macau looks like specifically for each month during the year.

Weather in January

January is a very pleasant month for hiking and exploring the city in case you don't like high temperatures.

The average daily temperature rises to 19°C, the weather is mostly clear and rain is very rare in the form of short showers.

Weather in February

February is a good month to visit Macau if you don't like scorching heat. Normal daytime temperatures soar to 20°C and most days are clear to partly cloudy.

The air isn't as clear as in November or December, but it's still ideal weather for strolling around the city. There is little rain in the form of short showers.

Weather in March

March sees the slow end of winter, with foggy days and heavy haze becoming more frequent. However, there is relatively little rain, mainly in the form of short showers.

Daytime temperatures are pleasant and around 21 °C.

Weather in April

Although April is by no means the rainiest month of the year, humidity levels are very high, causing frequent fog and grey skies with haze.

However, the relatively pleasant temperatures of around 25°C make being outside bearable.

Towards the end of April the rainy season begins, but on average it only rains about every 3rd day.

Weather in May

During May, daytime temperatures oscillate around 29 °C, and rain increases significantly compared to winter.

It rarely rains all day, but heavy showers lasting more than an hour are common. However, the periods between rains are often interspersed with several hours of clear skies.

Weather in June

June is statistically the rainiest month in Macau. It often rains every day, and prolonged heavy rain and thunderstorms are not uncommon.

The humidity is high and combined with temperatures of around 31°C makes being outdoors very uncomfortable.

Weather in July

In July, the increased risk of typhoons and strong tropical storms begins. On average, they occur about once every 2 years in this month.

Normal thunderstorms often occur especially in the evening. Even when the sun is shining, the sky is shrouded in a haze of fog.

Weather in August

August is a very rainy month with frequent thunderstorms and the risk of typhoons, which can occur every year.

Air temperatures routinely rise above 31°C, making August a good time to visit air-conditioned casinos at most.

Weather in September

September is the last month of the rainy season, when it can rain all day with the risk of tropical storms or typhoons.

Temperatures hardly drop compared to summer, averaging around 30°C.

Weather in October

The weather improves significantly during October. There may be the occasional typhoon or tropical storm, but on average it rains only 6 days a month and usually only in the form of light and short showers.

The thermometer averages 28 °C.

Weather in November

November is one of the best months to visit Macau.

The skies are mostly clear and showers occur only very sporadically. Daytime temperatures hover around a pleasant 25 °C and humidity is at relatively low levels.

Weather in December

December is a great month for visiting the city, walking outdoors and exploring the sights.

Temperatures are usually in the 20°C range and there are sunny, clear skies most days.

Table of temperatures during the year

Macau - You can visit the city state at any time

18 °C
18 °C
21 °C
25 °C
28 °C
30 °C
32 °C
32 °C
30 °C
28 °C
24 °C
20 °C

When to go to Macau

The ideal time to visit Macau is from late October to late January, when temperatures are around 22 to 28 degrees and humidity is significantly lower than during the summer. Visiting during the summer months is challenging for being outdoors, as temperatures hover around 30-34 degrees and combine with very high humidity to create unsuitable weather for prolonged outdoor stays.

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However, Macau is an urban destination and, for example, when staying in the casinos on Taipa Island you don't have to leave the air-conditioned premises for the entire time.

What are the best months to visit?

Consistent weather with the least rainfall and most comfortable temperatures between 22 and 28°C prevails from October to January. During this period it showers on average once every 3 days, usually in the evening or at night. Rain is sporadic and only occurs in the form of short showers.

November, December and the beginning of January are months with clear or semi-cloudy skies and clear air, inviting sightseeing from, for example, Macao Tower.

When is the rainy season in Macau?

The heaviest rains come in June and the wet season ends in late September and early October. During these months it can rain up to several times a day, including prolonged showers.

There are on average 18 rainy days per month during this period.

Are there typhoons in Macau?

Yes, Macau lies in a zone of frequent typhoons and tropical storms. A strong typhoon hits Macau on average once a year.

The hurricane season runs from July to October. Statistically, the greatest incidence of typhoons is in early September or late August.

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