Currency and prices in Macau


What currency do I pay with in Macau? How much do goods cost in a regular supermarket and how much in a restaurant? And how much does a week in the city cost? Find out in this chapter.

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Macau Pataca (MOP)

The official currency is the pataca and 1 pataca is divided into 100 avos.

Coin values are 10, 20 and 50 avos; 1, 2, 5 and 10 pataca. Bank notes circulate in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 pataca.

  • International currency code: MOP (numeric code 446)
  • Currency symbol: $ or P

Can I pay with Hong Kong dollars?

It is also possible to pay in Hong Kong dollars in almost all shops and in casinos, Hong Kong dollars are even the only possible currency. Most casinos do not accept Macau pataca at all.

The official fixed exchange rate is 100 mop = 97 hkd. However, the vast majority of merchants accept 1:1. In a shop, it is often the case that the merchant will accept payment in HKD and issue in the local currency.

You can also pay with Hong Kong dollars on public transport buses, for example.

Can I pay in Chinese Renminbi?

The Chinese national currency is accepted by most tourist shops and restaurants, but at a very unfavourable exchange rate. You can't pay in Chinese renminbi in casinos, buses or supermarkets.

Currency exchange and card payment

Currency exchange offices, banks and ATMs can be found on almost every corner and are easy to find. All ATMs accept standard foreign credit cards.

All ATMs always dispense Macanese patacas and Chinese renminbi, and you can also choose Hong Kong dollars as your currency at some ATMs.

All international cards are accepted throughout the country, but card payments are not as widespread as in, say, Europe or America. For example, you can't pay for a taxi or bus by card. On the other hand, payments via the Chinese mobile apps WeChat, Alipay or MPay are very common here.

When leaving the country, it is advisable to exchange all patacas before you leave, as this currency cannot be exchanged outside Macau (even in Hong Kong).

Tipping and haggling

In most cases, tips are not left. Occasionally, it may be expected by the baggage porter at the hotel (approx. 10 mop). In better restaurants, the tip may be written on the bill, but even then, the waiters do not get this money and the owner keeps it. In other cases, tipping is not expected.

Bargaining is not common in Macau.

How much does what cost - prices in Macau

Macau is one of the most expensive cities in Asia, along with neighbouring Hong Kong.

However, food in supermarkets, public or public transport are relatively cheap and so the most expensive item when visiting will be accommodation or spending in casinos and upmarket shops.

You can eat cheaply at local eateries (often with only Chinese signs but mostly helpful service) in old Macau.

Examples of prices in Macau

How much does basic food, tourist attractions or transport cost in Macau? Check out this price guide.

Accommodation in a double room (prices per night):

  • Cheap hotel with shared bathroom - from 35 usd
  • 3* hotel - from 70 usd
  • Hotel 4* - from 100 usd
  • Accommodation in a 5* resort with casino - from 200 usd
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Restaurant food:

  • Hot main meal in a regular restaurant - 100 mop
  • Hot main meal at a local bistro - 55 mop
  • Three-course menu for 2 at a better restaurant in the city centre - 450 mop
  • Menu in a fast food restaurant - 55 mop
  • Espresso or Cappuccino - 40 mop
  • Water 0.33 l - 5 mop
  • Draft beer - 40 mop
  • Wine by the bottle - 150 mop

Food in the supermarket:

  • Water 1.5l - 10 mop
  • Coca Cola (and other sodas) - 25 mop
  • Milk 1l - 20 mop
  • Canned fish - 40 mop
  • Apples - 30 mop / kg
  • Bananas - 25 mop / kg
  • Oranges - 30 mop / kg
  • Eggs 6 pcs - 10 mop
  • Rice 1 kg - 20 mop
  • Chicken meat 500 g - 60 mop


  • Bus ticket - 6 mop / 3 to 4 mop when paying with Macau Pass
  • Deposit on Macau Pass card - 30 mop
  • Taxi - boarding rate 19 mop and then 2 mop for every 240 meters / 1 minute wait

Alcohol and cigarettes:

  • Bottle of wine in the shop - from 150 mop
  • A can of local beer - from 15 mop
  • Cocktails at the bar - 150 mop
  • A packet of cigarettes - 50 mop

How to save?

The top item on the list is sure to be accommodation and of course spending in casinos and luxury shops, where you can leave thousands of dollars a day without much effort.

Stay in smaller hotels. Admission to the big casinos is free even for the public who are not staying at the resorts.

Local restaurants are another cost-saving option. The price difference between cheaper and more expensive restaurants is quite large, and appearance alone often tells you a lot. Local restaurants usually don't have menus in English, but if you're not limited by allergies, you can walk around to other tables and choose based on what you see from other diners.

Often restaurants will also have photos of the dishes on offer, but bear in mind that these can vary greatly from the final appearance.

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