Tourist visa to Macau


What travel documents do I need to travel to Macau? Can I cross the border between Hong Kong and Macau or mainland China without a visa?

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Although Macau is officially part of China, it maintains its own visa policy until at least 2049 thanks to its extensive autonomy.

Unlike mainland China, which requires you to have a visa processed from an embassy, citizens of the vast majority of countries in the world do not need a visa to enter Macau.

A passport valid for another 6 months after leaving the country will be sufficient to travel to Macau.

For complete information on visas and entry requirements, visit the official Macau government website:

Trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has the same status within China as Macau and also does not require travelers to have tourist spots. However, Hong Kong is a separate autonomous entity and therefore you must have a passport when travelling from Macau to Hong Kong. A visa is not required.

Travel from Hong Kong to Macau by bus or boat is direct (outside of China).

Trip to China

You must have a visa when travelling from Macau to mainland China, even though it is technically one country. China does not even allow short-term visa-free entry at the land border when travelling from Macau.

Other documents

Macau has a very open approach in its migration policy. There are no checks on accommodation or money. On arrival, you need to fill out an Immigration Residency Document, which is handed out on the plane.

Macau does not require a return ticket or a ticket to your next destination, but your airline may require it and it is a good idea to have everything ready.

Customs regulations

When entering Macau, foreigners are required to fill out an Arrival Card.

Under dutyfree, each person can import 1 litre of alcohol, 100 cigarettes, 10 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco.

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