Sunset Oia

The town of Oia, located on the northwestern tip of Santorini, is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, but also in Europe. After all, Oia is known all over the world for its beautiful sunsets over the typical Greek churches with their white facades and blue roofs, standing on a steep hillside above the sea.

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Oia battles it out with neighbouring Fira for the title of 'most beautiful village in Greece'.

Sunsets in Oia

As Oia is located on the west coast and at first sight catches the eye with its very photogenic location, literally stuck on the rocks above the sea, it is obvious that it will be the ideal place to watch the sunsets. So much so that sunsets over Oia are often described as the most beautiful in the world.

The sun will set over the islet of Thirassia in the background, while the beautiful white houses and churches in the foreground will cast shadows.

What are the best places in Oia to watch the sunsets?

  • The blue-domed churches - if you want to get just this shot, head to the small viewing platform, reached by a path from the Nik pedestrian zone. Nomikou and is located at this exact spot.
  • Oia Castle and the windmills - the second most popular spot is the lookout at the castle, which offers views of several windmills that look really romantic at sunset. The lookout is located at this exact spot.

On weekends and throughout the summer season, you have to expect incredible crowds of people who have to squeeze into the very narrow streets. Even so, the romantic scenery is worth pushing through the hundreds of other tourists.

Sights and attractions

Although Oia was badly damaged by the 1959 earthquake, it has been rebuilt virtually unchanged. The main attraction is, of course, the breathtaking views of the bay (former crater) and the steep cliffs on which Oia stands. Here you will weave through narrow streets, climb many steps and take hundreds of photos with the traditional white houses contrasting sharply with the grey volcanic landscape.

Still, you shouldn't miss these places in Oia:

  • Panagia Akathistos HymnChurch - the main church in Oia located in the central Oia Plaza
  • Blue Domed Churches - A pair of Orthodox churches, familiar from all the postcards, stand atop a cliff dropping into the sea. These are the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord and the Church of St Spyridon.
  • Oia Castle - The ruins and ruins of the 15th century castle are perched on a promontory high above the sea, and rather than the castle itself, the site is best known as the largest viewing platform for photographing sunsets
  • Windmills - there are two romantic windmills in the north of the town that, although not accessible, make for great photos.
  • The harbour Ammoudi - Descend the stairs from the heights to the sea and visit the romantic Ammoudi Bay harbour with its many tavernas and restaurants.

Beaches of Oia

Given the steep rocky coastline on which Oia is located, you would look in vain for beautiful long beaches here. You can descend to the sea at Ammoudi Bay, but you won't be able to swim there. The only place to swim is Katharos beach, accessible by a very steep 100-metre path. However, it is located 1.5 km from the centre and it is not worth the effort to travel here.

Accommodation Oia

Along with Fira, Oia is one of the most popular places to stay. Here you'll find dozens of small romantic apartments and guesthouses, many with accessible panoramic terraces and rooftops with breathtaking views. But its popularity also makes it one of the most expensive places on Santorini - prices start at 88 eur per night in the summer holidays, and from around 51 eur in the low season. Most accommodation in central Oia, however, has prices well above 147 eur per night.


The bus station is on the outskirts of the village, but you can walk to the centre of the village in 10 minutes through the pretty historic centre. Buses run from Oia to Fira and stop along the way in the villages of Finikia and Imerovigli.

They run roughly once an hour on the route and the timetable can be found on the KTEL website, but be aware that it is highly informative and exact departure times may vary considerably in reality. What is true, however, is the frequency of connections, at least once an hour "something will go". A ticket to Fira costs 1,60 eur.

What to see around

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