Imerovigli is one of the most beautiful places on Santorini, along with Oia and Fira. It is one of the highest places on the island, its centre is 330 metres above sea level, which is only a few dozen metres from the town as the crow flies.

Imerovigli is situated along the edge of a former crater, now a sea cliff over 300 metres high, and thanks to its location, it offers breathtaking views of all sides of the island.

Find accommodation in traditional houses

Tranquillity and romantic sunsets

Unlike the always bustling villages of Oia and Fira, Imerovigli tends to be much quieter. Wander the romantic narrow streets and staircases between the traditional white houses literally stuck to the cliff, and in the evening, stop on one of the many horizontal streets to enjoy the breathtaking views over the caldera.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Imerovigli is the Skaros rock with its former Venetian fortress.

Imerovigli can still be counted among the traditional Thera villages, although tourism is rapidly penetrating here as well.

Accommodation in Imerovigli

Choosing accommodation in Imerovigli is the ideal option for those who love tranquillity, beautiful views and also good access to the larger town of Fira. However, prices for accommodation in Imerovigli are quite high and start at around 92 eur.

Moreover, we select for you the most affordable accommodations in town:

How to get there?

Imerovigli is easily accessible by bus from Fira or Oia, and it is roughly once an hour (see the website of the transport company KTEL). You can always buy tickets at the bus station for around 1,80 eur.

Parking is free at any public car park in Imerovigli.

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