Getting around Santorini


The easiest way is to move on your own if you want to explore the more remote villages and small beaches. If you can get by with just visiting the main destinations like Fira, Oia, Kamari or Perissa, then you can easily use the local public buses.

Car, scooter or quad bike

You will find many car, scooter or quad bike rentals all over Santorini. Scooters tend to be popular with travellers, but they are not as affordable as a car. You'll pay between 20 eur and 25 eur for a day's rental, which are similar prices to significantly more comfortable cars.

The roads in Santorini are narrow and winding and there is a lot of traffic in the summer season, but unless you only want to visit the main tourist attractions, a car will be a must.

For full details, see the Santorini car hire chapter.

KTEL buses

The only public transport option is KTEL buses, which run from the main town of Fira to all the tourist attractions (Kamari, Perisa, Oia, Red Beach, Akrotiri) and also to the port, with buses to popular destinations such as Kamari and Oia running every half hour in high season. You'll only know the stops by the signs, and sometimes not even that, so it's best to simply wave at the arriving transport.

However, the main stations in each village are clearly marked and are usually near the centre. Timetables are usually posted at the main stations and on the transport company's website

However, it should be stressed that the times on the timetables are very indicative and often several years out of date. However, the frequency of services remains the same: on the main routes in summer about once every 30-60 minutes, during winter about twice less.

The carriages are air-conditioned, you will pay approximately 1,60 eur to 2,20 eur, see the ticket price overview, for one ride.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket booth at the main stops or from the staff/conductors who sell tickets before boarding the bus. When travelling from rural areas, pay the ticket at the driver's desk. You can always pay in cash only.

During the summer season, when the island's tourist population is at its peak, definitely don't rely on the bus to stop at the stops along the way. If the bus is full, it simply won't stop. This makes the buses ideal for getting from end to end, which is always from Fira to all the tourist spots.


Taxis are probably the most expensive means of transport on the island, especially if the taxi driver finds out you're not Greek. For example, a trip from the port to Fira will cost about 15 eur, and to the airport also 20 eur, so we rather recommend the above mentioned options.

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