The small harbour in Ammoudi Bay is a popular place for a short trip from the famous village of Oia, below which it is located. Ammoudi Bay is surrounded by exotic-looking red rocks and azure blue sea and offers spectacular views of the bay with its two islands.

Find accommodation in traditional houses

Tourists head to Ammoudi Bay mainly for the different views from Oia, and the sunsets are beautiful, turning the red rocks an even darker colour.

Ammoudi is the perfect place for a romantic dinner in one of the many local tavernas that have their gardens right by the sea.

How to get there?

From the town of Oia, there are more than 400 steps leading up to Ammoudi Bay, which you have to climb for a short distance over an elevation gain of more than 200 metres. However, the stairs are relatively comfortable and safe and start at Oia Castle.

By car you can drive all the way to Ammoudi, and you can park anywhere along the road.

Cruise ships from Fira also arrive at Ammoudi port, see the Activities section for examples of agencies and prices.

What to see around

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