Cape Greco

Cape Greco

Cape Greco is the easternmost point of the Republic of Cyprus and one of the most visited nature reserves on the island. Climb the rock and enjoy unforgettable views of the open sea. You'll climb along paths leading up to high rocky cliffs where you can sit on a bench and watch the endless sea.

Entrance to Cape Greco National Park is free.

It is necessary to take into account that the very tip of the cape cannot be reached, as it is a military base of the British army.

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Cliffs, caves and views

There is a marked hiking trail around the entire coastline of the Cape Greco Reserve that is quite comfortable to walk, but at least sneakers are essential equipment. The main attraction of walking around the coastline are the photogenic jagged cliffs, small sea caves and views. Especially the views of the rising and setting sun, the blue sea and the sandy yellow predatory rocks.

At the viewpoint about 1 km from the bus stop you can visit the interesting sculpture Monument of Peace.

The trail runs along bare rocky plains in places, before plunging into fragrant forests of low pine trees. There are a total of 9 marked trails on the site; a basic idea of the location on a map will provide, for example

Swimming and the sea

Don't expect comfortable beaches at Cape Greco. Swimming is probably possible on the eastern side in the Blue Lagoon, a small bay with crystal clear water, where conditions are great for snorkelling. However, access to the water is difficult over large and rather steep boulders.

How to get there

To get there, take bus numbers 101 and 102 from Ayia Napa and Protaras and get off at the Cape Greco bus stop. This bus will also take you to the best beaches around Ayia Napa such as Konnos Beach or Fig Tree Bay.

The ticket costs 1,50 eur one way or you can use day tickets, see information at the Ayia Napa location.

You can also drive directly to Cape Greco and park anywhere for free.

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