Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach

This idyllic little beach in the quiet bay of Falmouth Harbour is close to the popular resort of English Harbour and is one of the most accessible beaches on the island.

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Pigeon Point Beach is a popular spot for watching the breathtaking sunsets, which here set almost exactly over the horizon over the narrow entrance to the bay and the neighbouring island of Montserrat.

Swimming and beach facilities

At Pigeon Point Beach, you'll be greeted by fine white sand randomly interspersed with trees, creating an airy yet shady environment. The part of the beach further out to sea is pure grass, while the very edges of Pigeon Point Beach are rocky.

The entrance to the water is gradual and very safe, as is swimming in the extremely calm bay.

There are gazebos with benches and a restaurant on the beach.

Pigeon Point Beach is very popular with locals and tourists alike and tends to get quite crowded, but you can always find your space. In total, the beach is about 200 metres long and ranges from 2 to 15 metres wide.

The quieter and wilder Widnward Beach

The small peninsula on which Pigeon Point is located is generally a great place to swim.

If you get tired of Pigeon Point Beach with its livelier atmosphere on land, but calm sea, you can walk about 5 minutes from here through a fenced residential area to the completely different Windward Beach.

This beach is more spacious, completely devoid of amenities with bigger waves and the bare minimum of visitors. There are usually only units of people at Windward Beach.

The beach is publicly accessible to pedestrians, just tell the concierge at the residence that you want to go to Windward Beach and the concierge will direct you down a short sandy path.

How to get to the beach?

There are two asphalt streets from downtown English Harbour that lead to Pigeon Point Beach, free for all cars. There's a large enough free parking lot right next to the beach, and there's always a space available.

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There is no bus service to the beach, however, most travelers will walk the short, hilly walk to get here. From the centre of English Harbour, it takes about 20 minutes (about 1km) to get here.

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