Hong Kong in a nutshell

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with a rich history, a vibrant present and, as one of the world's major economic centres, a bright future.

The city is nestled in an extraordinarily photogenic area of many peninsulas, islands, bays and mountains reaching heights of almost 1,000 metres. Hong Kong's skyline is made up of hundreds of skyscrapers, the highest density of any city in the world.

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But it's not just the tall buildings that impress, Hong Kong also has surprisingly vast natural areas criss-crossed with dozens of kilometres of hiking trails, and many islands have beautiful subtropical beaches with fine sand.

Thanks to nearly 100 years of British rule, Hong Kong still has a strong mix of European and Chinese influences.

Although Hong Kong is an integral part of China, it forms a so-called Special Administrative Region ("Hong Kong SAR"), which gives the city extensive autonomy. Tourists from most countries in the world, for example, can travel to Hong Kong without a visa, unlike in mainland China. Neighbouring Macao, for example, which is a popular destination for trips from Hong Kong, has a similar set-up.

Population Area Name Chinese / English Time zone
7 500 000 2 755 km2

香港 / Hong Kong

UTC +8

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