Hornstrandir is a very isolated nature reserve located in the Westfjords and the northernmost tip of Iceland. It will amaze you with its dramatic landscape and beautiful nature completely untouched by man - in fact, no people have lived on the 580 square kilometre peninsula since the 1950s.

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The peninsula with the reservation is only accessible in summer from mid-June to mid-September.

The 100-metre cliffs and solitude

The Hornstrandir Peninsula attracts half-day and multi-day hikers for walks and hikes through the enchanting landscape of mountains, cliffs over 500 metres high and, above all, a feeling of absolute remoteness and solitude. As there is virtually no infrastructure, the paths are not marked and there are no huts apart from one small settlement, you can walk for days without meeting another living soul.

The nature here is raw at its best and the tranquility is unparalleled.

The puffins and the Arctic foxes

The almost perpendicular cliffs hundreds of metres above the sea are the breeding ground for hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of birds of all kinds. Of course, the puffins, Iceland's mascots, are the most prominent, but over 30 other species nest here.

Hornstrandir is also a refuge and home for Arctic foxes, which are found here in relatively large numbers. It is here that you have one of the highest chances of spotting an Arctic fox of any place in the world.


Hornstrandir is a paradise for long-distance and multi-day hikers who like to blend in with nature. Don't expect any infrastructure here; there are no campsites, no marked trails, and no roads. Just beaten paths along the coast, miles of flowering meadows, green valleys and dark black and brown rocks with a backdrop of many fjords and the open ocean.

While wandering around Hornstrandir, you can also admire sea lions and seals and enjoy the unprecedented beauty of sunsets literally at the end of the world.

Dozens of shorter routes can be taken for just an hour or two around the only mini-island on the Hesteyri peninsula, where tourist boats arrive.

The trails are fairly accurately depicted if you zoom in, for example on en.mapy.cz.

How to get there?

The only way to Hornstrandir is by boat. It is not possible to get there by car, there is no road or paved path.

You can use both regular ferries and complete organised trips through local travel agencies.

Regular ferry

The boat service is provided by Borea on a classic larger motor boat with comfortable seats. It sails daily from 1 June to mid-September and all services start in Ísafjörður. The boats have a total of 4 destinations on the Hornstrandir peninsula, which can be used as starting points for hikes. Not all of them are daily, however, so if you're heading out on your own, it's a good idea to plan your trip well so you don't miss the ferry.

  • Ísafjörður - Veiðileysufjörður: 1-2 times a day, the trip takes about an hour and a one-way ticket costs 13 200 isk
  • Ísafjörður - Hesteyri: 1x a day, the cruise takes about 45 minutes and a one-way ticket costs 13 200 isk
  • Ísafjörður - Aðalvík: 2 times a week, the cruise takes about 45 minutes and a one-way ticket costs 13 200 isk
  • Ísafjörður - Hornvík: 2x a week, the cruise takes about 2 hours and a one-way ticket costs 17 400 isk
  • Map of the ports on the peninsula

For luggage heavier than 20 kg an additional 4 000 isk is charged.

Always book the ferry in advance, at least a month in advance! Timetables, online booking and more information at boreaadventures.com/boat_tours/.

Organised trips

There are several travel agencies in Ísafjörður that organise organised tours to Hornstrandir, with a choice of day trips and multi-day trips. The price always includes the boat there and back, a guide, full meals and camping.

  • One-day trip - between 37 000 isk and 55 000 isk
  • Multi-day trips - around 150 000 isk

Examples of agencies organising trips from Ísafjörður:

Ísafjörður can be reached by car on a 454km route from Reykjavík (route map: google.com/maps), which takes in the beautiful landscape of the Westfjords and mostly on good quality tarmac roads. However, the city can also be reached by plane from Reykjavík RKV domestic airport, with return tickets available at 128 eur. You can also buy tickets via our search engine, look for flights from Reykjavík RKV airport to Ísafjörður (IFJ) airport.

Accommodation Ísafjörður

On Hornstrandir, the only accommodation you can expect is tented and open-air camping, where you can set up your own campsite at any location. Public facilities in the form of running water and toilets are only at the Hesteyri, Hornvík and Aðalvík sites.

Either way, you'll be spending the night in Ísafjörður, where the boats leave for Hornstrandir. There are several hostels and hotels. The lowest prices from 92 eur per night in a room with shared bathroom are offered by Isafjordur Hostel.

Prices below 147 eur per night still offer a family GentleSpace Guesthouse.

The rest of the accommodation in Isafjördur starts at the price tag 202 eur.

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