One of the few "must-see" attractions in the northern part of the Ring Road is undoubtedly the sea rock of a completely unique shape. Over 15 metres high, the basalt formation is located in a shallow area just a few metres from the shore, and anyone looking at the rock will conjure up a different image.

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In general, however, most people agree that Hvítserkur most resembles a rhinoceros, a drinking dragon, a cow or an elephant.

How to get there?

Hvítserkur lies on the Vatnsnes Peninsula somewhat off the main roads, but the detour is definitely worth it. From road number 1, turn off the dirt road number 716 in the direction of Akureyri, and in the direction of Reykjavik on road 711, which takes you to a small car park in about 25 km.

From here, a 300-metre long walking trail leads down a small cliff to a rocky beach, which offers the best view of Hvítserkur.

What to see around

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