If you're looking for deserted and remote places where the land turns into the open ocean, the wind whips you mercilessly in the face and nature shows its rugged but beautiful face, head to the westernmost tip of the Westfjords and indeed of Iceland.

Your journey will take you to the monumental cliffs of Látrabjarg, which stretch for more than 14 km and often reach heights of over 400 metres!

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The rugged landscape is softened by lush green meadows that touch right on the edge of the perpendicular cliffs. About 5 km from the cliffs, be sure to visit the tiny village and expansive beach of Breiðavík, one of the most beautiful places in western Iceland.

The largest bird colony

The Látrabjarg cliffs are the most important and by far the largest bird colony not only in Iceland, but also in Europe, and a breeding ground for millions of individuals of dozens of bird species. At Látrabjarg you will come across the popular puffins, narrow-billed plovers, white terriers, buffleheads and many more. For example, the Látrabjarg cliffs are vital for the lesser alca, hosting over 40% of the world's total population of this species.

The best thing about Látrabjarg is that you can literally get within a few dozen centimetres of the birds. Just walk carefully to the edge of the cliffs, lie down in the grass with your head slightly over the cliff and suddenly an incredible natural spectacle of hundreds, thousands and millions of movements, cries and songs opens up before you.

Comfortable trampled paths in the grass practically on the flat lead along the entire length of the cliffs and even further, so nothing prevents you from spending a whole day walking peacefully with magical views of the endless ocean.


Due to the remoteness of the cliffs, it will be advisable to stay at least one night in the nearby area. We select the best accommodation within easy reach of Látrabjarg:

  • Hotel Breidavik Guesthouse - about 5 km from the cliffs, rooms with shared bathroom at very good prices from 103 eur per night
  • Hotel Latrabjarg - approx. 12 km from the cliffs, classic 3* hotel with prices around 257 eur for a 3-bed room or from 110 eur for a single room
  • Bjarkarholt Guesthouse - 72 km from the cliffs on the main road on the way to/from Reykjavik, family-run guesthouse with prices from 92 eur per night

How to get there?

Cape Látrabjarg is easily accessible by any type of car all year round on the tarmac road that leads to the lighthouse on the edge of Iceland's westernmost point. The drive from Reykjavik is an impressive 424km (see route map), but you won't be bored along the way. It winds through a landscape of numerous fjords, mountains, tunnels and the traffic is so sparse that driving will be a purely relaxing affair.

The nearest major town is Vesturbyggð, 60 km away (see route map), where you will find two small shops, a petrol station and an electric car charger.

What to see around

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