One of Iceland's most beautiful beaches, Rauðisandur is located in the beautiful and secluded Westfjords area just a short distance from the famous Látrabjarg bird cliffs. Over 9 km long, the flat beach lies in a completely uninhabited area of bare hills and stands out among other beaches in Iceland because it is not made up of black volcanic sand.

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Rauðisandur is covered in fine golden and sometimes reddish sand, hence its name, which translates into English as "Red Sands".

A walk along the seemingly endless beach is one of the most magical moments when travelling in sparsely populated western Iceland. On clear days you can even see the small glacier Snæfellsjökull from here.

How to get there?

The road from Reykjavík is about 390 km long, most of it on asphalt road 62, which is replaced by dirt roads 612 and 614 for the last short stretches. 614 in particular is very winding and narrow, but passable with caution for all types of vehicles in summer, while in winter it is closed completely.

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