Pebbles Beach

Pebbles Beach

Pebbles Beach is Barbados' most famous and longest beach. Although it is heavily visited, it attracts plenty of space, natural shade from the trees and great swimming with a gentle entry into the sea.

In addition, it is also famous for the 6 shipwrecks that lie on the bottom relatively close to shore and are accessible for divers and snorkeling. The great accessibility of the beach just completes the list of positives.

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The name of the beach is a little confusing. In fact, its surface is fine white sand and small pebbles are really minimal.

Pebbles Beach or Carlisle Bay?

Sometimes naming a beach can be a little confusing. In various guidebooks, you will mainly see the names Pebbles Beach or Carlisle Bay, but also Brownes Beach.

The fact is that they always refer to the same beach, because Pebbles Beach stretches around Carlisle Bay. Brownes Beach is then just a local name for the middle part of Pebbles Beach.

Swimming and beach facilities

Pebbles Beach is a great place for a day's swimming and a short stop for a dip. Its perfect accessibility, length and varied amenities make this one of the best beaches in Barbados.

The length is about 1,500 metres and the width is more than adequate. In addition, the fine white sand in many places transitions towards the street into grassy areas with many mature trees.

Free toilets and freshwater showers are available on the beach.

Since Pebbles Beach is practically in the centre of Bridgetown, you don't have to worry about facilities. Along the length of the beach you'll come across upscale restaurants, street-cheap eateries frequented by locals, souvenir shops and mini-markets selling groceries, and of course plenty of water sports and snorkeling excursions.

Snorkeling and diving at 6 shipwrecks

Carlisle Bay is the site with the largest concentration of shipwrecks in the Caribbean. The ships are a natural refuge for hundreds of species of colorful fish and sea turtles are abundant.

Between 200 and 300 metres from the shore, six wrecks lie in depths of 5 to 20 metres:

  • Barge (10 metres long, sunk in 2003) - the smallest ship or rather sunken pier with an engine lies at a depth of 5 metres.
  • Cornwallis (10 metres long, sunk in 1942) - the remnant of a Canadian ship sunk by a German torpedo lies at a depth of 5 metres
  • Berwind (21 metres long, sunk in 1919) - the tugboat, preserved in its entire length, can be found at a depth of 10 metres
  • Bajan Queen (largest 36 metres long, sunk in 2002) - the former tourist party boat lies at a depth of 12 metres, but its highest part is only 3 metres below the surface
  • Ce-Trek (13 metres long, sunk in 1986) - a small preserved boat lying at a depth of 14 metres and is probably the least attractive from a diving point of view
  • Elion (30 metres long, sunk in 1996) - the most attractive boat for tourists was sunk by the authorities after it was found to be literally filled with drugs from Colombia, lying at a depth of 17 metres

With the exception of the Elion and Ce-Trek, all are accessible from shore and suitable for snorkelling. No need to pay for expensive (and very short) organized boat trips (usually costing 60 minutes around 60 usd to 100 usd).

The boats are accessible from the middle of Pebbles Beach (approximate location on and if you also have snorkel fins, you can swim to them within 5 minutes. You'll know the site from the beach at a glance: it will be surrounded by cruise ships and marked by a white and orange buoy with the words "Carlisle Bay Marine Park".

Accommodation at Pebbles Beach

At the southern end of Carlisle Bay, you'll stay in two large hotels that are among the most popular in Bridgetown. They are right on the beach and have a section of the beach with their own sunbeds and parasols.

Just across the street about 100 metres from the beach, you can stay in a well-rated private apartment 8 Banyan Court priced around 240 usd per night in a suite for up to 4 people. About 250 metres further on you will find a cheaper apartment Believe Caribbean Apartment priced from 80 usd per night.

Transportation to Pebbles Beach

One of the main streets in Bridgetown, Bay Street (also known as Highway 7) runs along the entire beach. You'll find free public parking in the middle of the beach (location on, but it tends to get hopelessly busy around 9:00am.

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Shared taxis, minibuses and buses pass right down Bay Street every now and then. In Bridgetown, large buses depart from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal, while minibuses and vans depart from the Constitution River Terminal.

Vans run more frequently from Constitution River Terminal, just ask for "Carlisle Bay". If you are coming from anywhere in the resorts in the south of Barbados, you can hop on any bus or van.

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