Mount Gay Rum Distillery

Mount Gay

The world's oldest continuously operating rum distillery can be found in Barbados. Mount Gay Rum is one of Barbados' most famous brands and has been on the market since 1703.

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Mount Gay Distillery offers several tours for visitors, depending on what you're interested in. From production to a cocktail making workshop, Mount Gay Rum is an integral part of the experience.

Distillery tours and prices

Mount Gay Distillery offers several different types of tours for the public. We always recommend booking tours online at at least 3-4 days in advance. Dates are posted on a fairly irregular basis so as not to disrupt normal operations. This is because the Mount Gay distillery is still operational and is one of the country's major export brands.

Examples of tours and prices:

  • Tour of the production area of the distillery - 70 usd
  • Masterclass in rum cocktail making - 110 usd
  • Tasting of rums - 25 usd
  • Tasting and workshop in cocktail making - 50 usd
  • Complete tour offerings:

Where to go for tours?

Mount Gay has two main locations. The distillery is located in a rural area of northern Barbados (where factory tours and some tastings take place) and then a large building near the harbour in Bridgetown where workshops and premium tastings take place.

Location is always specified in the tour details.

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