Harrison's Cave

Harrison's Cave

In the heart of the Barbados hinterland, a massive cave system and a true natural gem lies underground. Harrison's Cave are beautiful stalactite caves with pools that you can explore from a guided train ride.

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The caves were discovered in the 18th century, but were not explored and made accessible until the 1980s.

The main route for the public is through the wide Boyce Cave Tunnel, which takes you into the 15 metre high Great Hall, the largest area in Harrison's Cave. From here the cave system continues with further passages up to 2.5 km long, most of which are inaccessible.

A small electric train with open carriages takes tourists through the caves, making a visit to the caves suitable for less physically fit travellers.

Entrance fees and opening hours

The cave is open every day and is only accessible with a guide. Tours start every 20 minutes and the cave tour takes about 40 minutes.

The first entry is at 9:20 am, the last at 3:00 pm, and you can book your place online in advance on the cave operator's website , chukka.com. However, you must arrive 30 minutes before the tour starts to go through the safety instructions and don helmets.

To enter, visit 60 bbd or 30 usd, and you can pay in either currency.

Transportation to Harrison's Cave

The cave is located in the middle of the island and is best reached by car. There is a large free car park on site and it is 13km from Bridgetown, see on google.com/maps.

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Although buses don't go all the way to the cave, the nearest bus stop is just 700 metres from the entrance(location on map). The following lines pass through the cave:

  • Bus 4 from Bridgetown (Princess Alice Terminal) and Belleplaine about once an hour
  • Bus 4A from Bridgetown (Princess Alice Terminal) about once an hour
  • Minibus 57 from Bridgetown (Cheapside Terminal) at irregular intervals

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